19 December 2014

Earth at Risk 2014: The Proper Diagnosis

By Will Falk

Keynote speakers at ‘Earth At Risk 2014′ included Vandana Shiva, Alice Walker, Chris Hedges, Thomas Linzey, and Derrick Jensen. Will Falk reports back on the conference, including links to some of the presentations.

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5 November 2014

De-Civilising; Re-Culturing.

By Kirsten Tona

It used to be that terrorists would attack infrastructure to get the attention of those in power, and those economically in thrall to them. Now, the destruction of the infrastructure is its own end….

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20 October 2014

A Movement in Search of a Narrative

By Kari McGregor

One common omission in all of the approaches of the various tribes of the environment movement – and it’s a unifying point if ever there was one – is a strong focus on social justice. I say this hesitantly, as all tribes believe they are pursuing social justice perhaps just as strongly as they believe they are pursuing environmental sustainability. But just repeating the truth that ‘climate change is a social justice issue’, for example, does not provide adequate insight as to what environmentalists mean when they refer to the enactment of social justice, or even what their definition of social justice is…

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